yoga / dominance / bendy sex

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When my usual yoga instructor apologized profusely and informed me she would have to send a replacement for our solo Tuesday session I waved her off saying I didn’t really mind.

Now I’m actually eager for my upcoming yoga class.

The replacement instructor is going to be a man. I’m…

ghost fucking / paranormal / sensual sex

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“Hello, viewers!” I stretched out my arm with the camera to show my grinning face. “Today we are going to get spooky and dirty!”

I winked to all the people watching my stream live.

“This abandoned old mansion is rumored to belong to a true Casanova, a man who made…

Cuckold / dominance / cock cage

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Do you know why I love October? It’s a month of The Challenge. The one that I love. The forbidden fruit of people across the world coming together to do the same dirty thing for a month.


Can you guess what it is? Did your dirty mind already conjure…

tentacles / monster / erotica

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My new home was magnificent. I was pretty lucky to get this deal; not only was this old house cheap but I got it fully furnished.

When the previous owner sold me the property for peanuts and gave me the heavy gold key to the door she left me with…

Gangbang / Cuckold / Blowjobs

Photo by sakkmesterke on Deposit Photos

I watched in amazement as the first stunningly beautiful man entered my house. Then another. And another. And another.

Holy fuck, there were five of them. Five!

My husband greeted them and confirmed they got their payments from the Instant Kicks app and were ready for action.

Ready to fuck…

shower sex/blowjob/barebacking

Photo by JEFERSON GOMES on Unsplash

There’s nothing better than taking a hot shower after a long day. I moaned as the water hit my naked body, rivulets of wetness tracing patterns on my skin. …

Humiliation / Dirty Talk / Prostitution Fantasy Erotica

Image by inna mikitas from Pixabay

I sat at the bar lazily observing people. The crowd was only just starting to come in as it was quite early in the night, but that suited me fine. I was here to chill after the long day of work, and the subdued buzz around me and the music…

multiple partners/cumdump/dirty talk

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

I went out to have some fun with my friends after a week full of work. We ended up in a club doing karaoke and it was quite fun.

But I was looking for a different kind of fun as well.

I was quite satisfied when I managed to seduce…

photo: MetArt


I opened the door to my home and entered with a bounce in my step. It wasn’t every day that I could cut my work short and get home earlier than planned. My black cat, The Duchess, greeted me by meowing loudly and swirling around my legs. I scratched her…


Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

“I’m here to confess my sins, Father.”

Was that how I should start a confession? I couldn’t remember anymore. I was used to kneeling but in a completely different context. …

Nessa Sparks

Erotica writer. Put yourself into romance stories exploring sex, murder, villains, dark themes and dangerous creatures.

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